Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24: Salvaging Broken Bamboo Blinds

Maybe it’s just me, but have you ever noticed that many things on your to do list are just quick five minute projects?  I think that’s why we never do them – at least that’s why I never do them.  I’m tricked into thinking I can fit it in anytime, but instead, it gets shoved to the bottom of the list and never happens.  And we walk by these little projects every day.  They mock us as we walk by them.  Like the pile of stuff in the corner of my laundry room or the pretty frames sitting on my dresser with photos of strangers in them because I’ve never put photos of us in them.

It’s so easy to walk right by, but I finally tackled one of these little, looming projects – my bamboo blinds.  They’ve been sitting in a corner of my family room since my son’s 5th grade Jungle Jam party.  I used them as a photo back drop at the party.  The thing was, they didn’t work anymore.  So I was going to replace them with another set of the same bamboo blinds.  Whaaat?  That seemed silly.  The blinds themselves still looked great, they just didn’t function.

Knowing I definitely don’t have the patience to actually fix the roman blind mechanism, I opted for a cheap and easy solution.  One that would only take five minutes.  Yep, five minutes, yet it took me four months to do it. 

My simple solution - rope!


Luckily, there was an eyelet hole hidden under the valance so I was able to fish the rope through to the other side down to the bottom of the blind.

IMG_3870 IMG_3871


I just roll it up by hand and tie a loose knot at the bottom.


I like the added texture.


I like that I got to reuse what I already had and save some cash.


And it’s just kind of fun and different.


It only cost $12 for the rope and took only five minutes of my time!

Well, maybe it took a few more minutes than five, but still.

It’s such a relief to check something off my to do list.

What 5 minute project will you focus on today?

(PS – I admit, they are kind of a pain to roll up and down and tie, so I actually just leave them as they are.  Doesn’t bother me and hey, it’s cheaper than new blinds!)


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  1. Makes me wanna go break the blinds in Max's room so I can "fix" them with rope! LOL!
    Seriously though ... :)~
    The rope is perfect!

  2. What a cool idea! This is something I feel like I would see in Coastal Living or something. :)

  3. Nice work. It looks great! I'm been thinking about getting bamboo blinds. We currently have nothing on our windows since we've moved!
    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies


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