Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another

I’m making progress on the playroom, painted below the chair rail yesterday.  The walls were sucking up the paint like crazy.  I think I actually need to do a third coat.  Didn’t expect that.  Or maybe I won’t since I’m putting storage units in front of the wall anyway.

Which got me thinking about my storage options.  Originally, I was thinking about Expedit cubbies from IKEA, but was worried that the square cubbies would limit my storage options.


I was going to put a bunch of my craft supplies, now living in my kitchen cabinets there.  They are stored in plastic shoebox style containers which doesn’t maximize the square cubbies very well.


Then I thought about taking my son’s dressers and using them.  The drawers fall out all the time, so I would take them out and create shelves.  See how well my son is using them.  I don’t think he’d miss them.  There’s one shirt in that bottom drawer.


Then I reevaluated the supplies and realized I need to store them in my hallway crap craft closet instead.  The only items the kids really need and use often are pencils, crayons, markers, tape, rulers, glue and scissors.

So I’m back to the Expedit cubbies.  I do love them.  These ones are in my son’s bedroom and I have another set of two white ones in my daughter’s room.  I love how you can store stuff in them, but also use the top for display or counter space if needed.


All the paint and paper punches will go in my hall closet.  And the hall closet is screaming for a redo too!  Which I’ve had my wheels spinning about for a while now, but this just pushes it up on the list.





I’ve reorganized this closet a thousand times and it never remains functional.  My son’s dresser may work better in here or maybe some shelving.  So as usual, one thing leads to another and now I’ve got two projects going at once.  Actually three because I need to reorg the kitchen cupboards that will soon be free of craft stuff.  That will probably lead to yet another project and another.


  1. Oh, yes...was just in the same place inside my brain today regarding our yard & then that the trim on the house needs to be painted, the garage needs re-roofing. You are not alone! One project always leads to another. Kudos to you for tackling it! Can't wait to see your end results! :)

  2. Never fails:). I've actually thought of a few more projects that all stem from this one project. AAAAAHHHH!

  3. I love crafting but finding space to put all my crafting supplies? Nearly impossible. I used some drawers from an old dresser and turned them into under-the-bed storage last week! I found your blog at the Midwest Bloggers page on facebook, I'm your newest follower!


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