Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Peek in the Laundry Room

My laundry room makes me happy, not because I like to do laundry that’s for sure.  Boy, if you saw the pile in there now, ugh!  I mentioned in my upcycled chandelier post that I gave the laundry room a little facelift this fall.  The color combo in there just makes me happy inside.  Out of practicality, I tend to go neutral, so letting go in the laundry room was so fun!  I actually find myself peeking in there for a little fix of fun.

In usual “Kim” fashion, I finished half of the room and stopped.  I was waiting until I finished the other half to show you, but the fact is I need a little heat under my booty to get things moving, so I thought I’d show the first half to remind me I still need to finish it up.  So here you go…

Oh, wait, I’ll show you the before pix too because it’s always fun to see the before, don’t you think.  So my thought process behind what I did was to base it on the wall color we painted the room when we moved in.  I still liked it and I really didn’t like the thought of moving a washer and dryer to repaint.








Since we moved in, I’ve wanted shelves above the washer and dryer, so that was first on the list.  I found these shelves at IKEA.  And for pops of color, I added the green magazine holders with plans of storing manuals, etc.  The secret is, they are empty, besides two manuals I threw in there at the start.  But don’t they add a great punch of color?  One day I will fill them, I swear.


And my daughter’s artwork works perfectly in here, so I framed it up.  Still deciding whether to hang it or keep it on the shelf.


I went back and forth about adding a counter over the washer and dryer, but for now it works as is.  As you know, I recently added my jar of homemade laundry detergent and threw my dryer sheets in a bin I found at the dollar section in Target and put it on top of a tray to bring it together.



As you now know, I have an issue with socks, so I got a basket to go on top of the dryer to throw loose socks and undies in to keep them from getting lost and scattered. I do have my sock system I mentioned in this post, but we are still working on using that system consistently. Once we do, all will be well in the sock world.


I may repurpose that bar in the corner next to the ironing board to be a hanging rack of sorts.  We took it out of our hall closet when we converted it to cubbies a couple years ago.  Of course I saved it.  I know it makes my husband crazy, but hey, it might save us money in the end.  Oh, and don’t let the iron fool you, I think I use it once a year.



So here’s what’s left to do:

  • paint bench seat white
  • possibly hang rod from closet to use as drying rack with or without hangers
  • or do hooks instead
  • downsize my rag surplus
  • paint exterior door a fun color and trim a crisp white
  • paint around ceiling medallion
  • hang towel bar and paper towel holder by sink


Hope you enjoyed a peek into my “AUNDRY” room (my kids think that’s so funny).  Need to add that to the list too.  The “L” fell off and broke, so I need to glue that back together.  Of course they don’t sell these letters any more.

Feel free to remind me about the laundry room.  I can use a little push.  I just might paint that bench this weekend.  We’ll see what happens. Winking smile  Oh, and if you have a specific question about this or any of my posts and would like a direct reply without having to check the comments section, feel free to email me.

Have a good one!



  1. Aww, I'm jealous! I love your laundry room! Not because I love to do laundry either but because maybe if I had a cute one like this I would do more of it...? Naw probably not! Oh and btw, I call my sock basket... "SOCK HELL" - Seriously, folding socks I swear is the biggest waste of time!

    Thanks for sharing Kim!

  2. you must just love it!
    p.s. each of my kids have 2 sets of "sock nets"..I bought them at the Dollar store...they put white socks in one, dark socks in the more sock problems!!

    1. Sounds similar to the sock system I'm trying to implement. If only I could get us to keep the habit. Working on it:).

  3. Love your laundry room... maybe it will get me to re-do mine (it's been 15 years since the last update!!!!)

  4. Love the shelves! The previous owners of our house put those metal shelves everywhere, including over the washer/dryer and they just don't look so pretty!

    I'm 1 of 6 kids and growing up we all safety pinned our pairs of socks together before they were washed. We had a big bowl of pins on the bathroom counter right by the laundry shute.

  5. Nice job on your laundry room! Love the homemade laundry detergent on the top of your dryer! Would love for you to come by and check out my laundry room renovation - let me know what you think!
    Thanks -

  6. Simply fabulous. I adore your room. Ohhhh it is just so perfect!!! Thanks for linking up and for the inspiration!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy


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