Friday, March 9, 2012

Stomach Bug = Cleaning Bug

I’ve got to say, there’s nothing like the stomach flu rampaging through your house to give you a jumpstart on spring cleaning!  By Monday I thought we somehow got lucky and got away with just one person getting sick (the little man had it Friday).  I immediately found out on Tuesday morning, that was too good to be true.  Looking back, Tuesday morning was actually kind of comical.  I can say that now.

I was desperately trying to make lunches knowing that I could lose it at any moment.  So then I enlisted my kids to make their own lunches (which maybe I should do anyway).  Next thing you know, my daughter’s looking at me with a green face and tears in her eyes.  I knew right then that we got away with nothing and the stomach flu beat us.  I just looked at her and told her to stay home.  Sent my boys on their way.  Phone rings.  It’s the school.  UGH!  I get to pick up the big guy from school.  AWESOME.  It’s such a blast being sick along with your kids.  Oh, geeeeezzzz, it’s so not!

Anyhow, that got me cleaning the often forgotten items like T.V. remotes, telephones, mouse and keypads, door handles and light switches.  On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to have a warmer day that I could open the windows and air out the house.  Ahhhh, good old fresh air!  And what timing that I ran across a spring cleaning checklist over at Blissfully Ever After to help me along the rest of my spring cleaning.  If you’ve got the cleaning bug this weekend, jump on over there to check out her list and print it off.

So this weekend I hope to get our house back on track.  I’m so glad it’s Friday!

Here’s to a a fun weekend and a fresh start next week!

Happy Friday!


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