Monday, March 26, 2012

Real Live Easter Grass

Sometimes I see an idea that I HAVE TO DO (like the  popcorn in a lunch bag).  Last year I really wanted my Easter centerpiece to be real grass with our hard boiled eggs nestled in it.  It didn’t happen.  But I just ran across the same idea, but as actual Easter grass for your Easter baskets! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  This is a HAVE TO DO for me. 

So I grabbed some potting trays from the dollar store yesterday – four for a dollar!  We had leftover grass seed and potting soil from last year.  Yay, a $1 project!

This is what I’ve got now.




And here is what I hope it will look like in two weeks.  You can pin the dirt pictures from here, but please go to this link How Does She? to pin the photo below.

Easter grass in a basket

Time is of the essence, so I couldn’t wait until my grass grew to tell you just in case this is a HAVE TO DO for you too!

I just love this idea because it’ll be fun to watch the grass grow with the kids, I won’t have shredded fake grass all over my house and it’s sooooo stinkin cute!

If all else fails, I saw some wheatgrass for sale at the grocery store or I could just use my good old shredded wood grass that we’ve been using.


Check out my Easter pinboard for some other fun ideas like dying eggs with lace tights and polka dot glitter eggs.  So many awesome ideas out there so little time!  These Crystal Geode Eggs from Martha Stewart are another HAVE TO DO, but I think it’s a HAVE TO DO for next year. 


The Martha Stewart Show


Happy Spring!



  1. This is so neat! We always got that shredded plastic stuff that static-clung to everything. ;)

  2. I love that idea for fresh grass! It's so Springy and fun!

  3. Cute idea! I have to try this! How fast does grass grow? I better get it started tomorrow.

  4. I love the look of live grass too.. but I worry I would kill it. I will wait to see how yours turns out.. Inspire me! :D

    And as for the brown paper bag popcorn trick... CHANGED MY LIFE. I was going broke and my kids were filling up with grease and salt from those microwave popcorn bags. Now I buy popcorn in bulk by the pound.. and the kids have a salt free/fat free treat! Glad I am not the only one who was giddy discovering that!


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