Monday, March 19, 2012

Project Playroom

In the next few months we will be hosting several gatherings, Easter, my daughter’s birthday and First Communion and my son’s birthday.  That’s got me zoning in on refreshing some spaces, namely the playroom.  I gave you a glimpse of it in this post and it’s finally time to tackle it.  There will be a few phases to this project.

Phase One:     Patch and refresh the walls

Phase Two:     The floors

Phase Three:  The details – kid art gallery wall, storage…

Sometimes I find that because I live in my space day in and day out, some things go unnoticed until somebody comes over and I start to notice them with eyes of a visitor and think how embarrassing (ie: my carpets and my walls)!  Or sometimes I don’t notice things because I’m not at that level, like the lower part of my walls.  The other day I was wiping something off the kitchen floor and looked at the wall next to me to discover splats of something all over it.  Yick.

That brings me to the bottom portion of our playroom wall.  It used to have magnet boards for the kids to mess around with, which later became white boards, which then led to the pictures below.






So that is why Phase One is to refresh the walls.  I need to patch the holes from the magnet boards and paint it with a fresh coat of crisp white and 28 inches above the chair rail will become chalkboard, leaving the last third of the wall for the art gallery portion.  And because I’m lazy, I will be leaving the yellow in the top portion as is.

And for as much as I love 3M hooks, don’t let your kids help take them down because this is what will happen.  Please note, they do work perfectly when taken down correctly.  So that’s another couple spackle spots to tackle.


I’ve probably rearranged our playroom at least 10 times.  And I’m hoping to make this next time a more permanent set up.  Hoping.  So today the transformation begins.  I will show you results of Phase One next week, I hope!!!  Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Kim! I'm a new follower - saw your comment over at Crafty, Scappy and saw you were going to check out the Midwest Blogger FB page - I just did the same thing, I'm outside of MPLS. Nice to "meet" you, hope you'll stop by to follow me too!


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