Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekly Meal Prep Ideas

The daily question that makes me cringe is, “Mom, what’s for dinner?”  I know dinner would be a breeze if I just took a few minutes every weekend to plan out the week and prepare.  That is what chefs do in restaurants.  They have a plan and they have their food prepared so when they are ready to cook, they can just grab it and get right to it.

I am so excited and proud to introduce you to a person who will give you awesome ideas and tips to make meal prep for the week a breeze.  I mentioned back in this post that my sister Jackie has a background as a chef, teaches cooking and also writes recipes for a caterer and a website.  She has taken her professional skills as a chef and put them into everyday life to make life easier for her as a mom and is excited to share them with all of us!


She just started her own blog Prep Like a Chef last week.  You will find many clever and useful tips there and for those that struggle with allergies, she also has written several gluten-free and nut-free recipes.  She’s experimented and tested recipes to find the right combo to not only make them gluten-free or low in sugar, but to keep the flavor too.

Whenever I have any food-related questions, I go to her.  So if you have any food questions, hop on over there and ask her, she’ll be happy to help!  You will be so happy you did.  Here are the posts she’s done so far:

Planning & Prepping Made Simple

Dinner 911

Making Dinner Plans

When you stop by, make sure to leave her some love in the comments.  We all love comments, they’re just like a little gift!  Now I’ve got to follow her advice and get to the grocery store so I can get back and make some prep boxes for the week!  Oh, what’s a prep box?  Check out her first post to find out!

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