Friday, March 16, 2012

Popcorn, Bags & a Table

Happy Friday, everyone!!  Just a couple fun things to share.  I just spent the afternoon with my sister, the one tearing down the walls at her house.  Anyhow, found out she’s been doing the popcorn in a lunch bag thing for 5 years now!  She said she just puts a pat of butter and some salt right into the bag with the kernels and it seasons the entire bag perfectly.  Yes, your bag will get a bit greasy, but she said it’s not so bad.  So there you go.

My sis agreed to join me on my trip to the Salvation Army this afternoon to drop off 6 bags towards my 40 bags quest.  YAY!  Feels so good to get them out of here! 


I know March is already half over, but don’t worry, I have more than 6 bags to get rid of.  See those bins behind the bags, I just need to sort through them to make sure everything has their pieces and parts before they can go.  So that will probably be at least 3-4 more bags!  Finding all the parts to toys drive me nutso, but I can’t deliver them incomplete if I can help it.

And here are about 3-4 bags worth of stuff that I’m giving to one of my friends. 


So that will get me up to about 14 bags + the bag of socks I threw out Smile + a couple bags of garbage.  I think I’m around 17 bags now.  I may have missed some, only 23 to go.  I actually don’t think the problem is getting 23 more, it’s doing it before Easter.  When you have three growing kids, there are always toys and clothes that need to move on.  Not sure that I’ll make it in time.  We’ll see.

And lastly, when my sis and I dropped the bags, we of course, had to stop in and shop for a minute.  Right when we walked in I knew I was leaving with this table.  I have been looking for a round table to go between my two couches for a while, but most of them were running in the $500 zone.  I scored this baby for $45!  Ain’t she purty? 


There’s a whole lot of brown going on here, so I think I’ll have to do a little whitewashing of some sort.


And I need to touch up the wood chipping on the inlay anyhow.


I was so excited when I found this table.  I literally hugged my sister at least three times throughout our shopping trip.  So fun!  I’ll be sure to share updates a year from now Smile.  Hopefully I will get to it sooner, but you never know with me.  So slow.

Have a super duper St. Patrick’s Day!!! I had dreams of doing all kinds of cool recipes like Guinness brownies or pudding and other fun stuff, but time has gotten the best of me and I’m just sticking with some Lucky Charms, mint chip ice cream, green licorice, green veggies, green mac and cheese.  If you need St. Pat’s ideas, check out my St. Patrick's Day pinboard.  If I can’t try them, I hope you can.  There’s always next year.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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