Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Winner & International Food Fest

We have a winner!

The lucky recipient of the $50 gift card to Stella & Dot is… 

#61Kali from The Vintage Milk House

Congratulations, Kali!

Thanks again to Kelly from Stella & Dot for providing this fabulous giveaway to us!  If you didn’t win this time, but would still like to get your hands on some of Stella & Dot’s fantastic jewelry line, make sure to stop by Kelly’s webpage.

Today I’d also like to share some fun we had over the weekend celebrating my son’s 11th birthday with our family.  I’m not sure where he came up with this idea, but he asked for an International Taste Testing Party.  So I asked everyone to bring an ethnic dish of their choice and we ended up with a FEAST!

I also tried out some ideas from Pinterest and Blogland, like using cupcake liners as tops on the cups to keep the bugs out and…



…veggies and dip in individual cups...mozzarella and tomatoes on a stick…


…potato chips in cut paper lunch bags…


…and strawberry shortcake on a stick.  Lots of stuff on a stick.


We also had samosas, fattoush salad, spring rolls…




…and desserts galore!  My sister really outdid herself.  She made original elephant ear cookies, cream puffs and fruit pastry all homemade!







My son’s favorite of the day…Argentinian steak kabobs!

You can get the recipe from my sister here.


And of course our party staple - steamed “Home Depot” hot dogs made an appearance.  (aka – Koegel’s)


I think we ate for 7 hours straightSmile!

And even with all those desserts, we still managed to top everything off with one of Jake’s favorite desserts, orange sherbet.

Jake's 11th birthday

That’s my boy!

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  1. First of all! LOVE the party IDEA!!! Way to go to your guy for coming up with the idea. Looks like he had fun!!! I would eat for 7 hours straight at that party too! Your food looks to DIE for! Second... WAHOO! I'm the WINNER! I NEVER win anything! Thanks so much Kim for doing the giveaway!!!!


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