Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting Ready for a Party

This weekend we’re having a raging party…just like the Taco Bell commercial that aired on Super Bowl.  Well, not quite.  But we are celebrating my dad’s 80th birthday.  I don’t think he’ll be up all night and heading to Taco Bell after hours, but we’re counting on some good times and good memories.

My dad’s favorite food right now is a grilled cheese sandwich, so that was our jumping off point.  Grilled cheese and root beer float party!  That screams retro to me, so we’re going with a retro diner theme.  I’ll make sure to share more details after the weekend, but first I thought I’d start at the beginning.

Before I head out to the party stores, I like to see what treasures I can find at the dollar store first.  Often times, I find just the right thing and you can’t beat the price. 

These plates said diner to me…at a dollar a pack – SOLD.  The straws were from Michael’s dollar section too.  Perfect!


These baskets remind me of old berry baskets.  Too cute and perfect for our grilled cheese bar.



And sometimes, I find “sort of” the right thing, but I grab it anyways and tweak it to fit my grand plans.  Like this popcorn bin.  Although I could easily change the menu to include popcorn, I’ve decided to just tweak the bin to make it work for my original plans.  I used my 2 inch hole punch to cover the word ‘popcorn’ with ‘chips’ instead.


I’m pretty geeked up about our little retro diner party.  Can’t wait to share more soon!


PS – if you missed the Taco Bell commercial, give it a peek here.  Cracked me up!


  1. Looks like it's going to be a great party! I'll have to look for those straws at Michaels - love them!

  2. Have a great party celebrating your dad!


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