Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tension in the Laundry Room

Moving right along in my quest to finally finish the laundry room, I put up a tension rod between the cubbies and the wall.


Never thought I’d be so excited about a tension rod, but I am just that!  I really didn’t want to mess with screwing holes into the cubbies or the wall, so this was the perfect solution.


I used the shower ring trick I told you about over the summer for traveling and put it into action for this space.  The hooks will be perfect for hanging delicates like bras or bathing suits.


Didn’t really want to hang my bra for all to see, so I used the towel for an example.



Or I can just hang things on it just like a towel bar or drying rack.  Of course you could always throw some hangers on there, but I’m guessing I’d do it once and never bring the hangers back downstairs for the next time.



I love the flexibility the tension rod offers and the fact that it’s easily removable if I need to tweak things again.

Up next, fixing covering the holes on the wall with artwork or something.  I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel!


  1. It's looking great! It's amazing how a small thing like a tension rod gives us such joy!

  2. Great idea with the shower hooks, eveything is looking so fresh! My laundry room will never be seen by the blogging world! :)


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