Thursday, February 21, 2013

Laundry Room Update–getting there…

This is the story of how 3M hooks + IKEA Expedit shelves = happiness.  Last weekend, I had the urge to purge.  I decided to jump on the laundry room that I left half done over a year ago now. 

One side of the laundry room was pretty and organized, the other side, stashed with boxes, bags, and an old light fixture…basically stuff that didn’t belong.  Not a happy place.  This was my plan of attack.

Step 1: gut and purge. Basically move the piles from one room to another. It always looks worse before it gets better.  Move what doesn’t belong in a laundry room (like bouncy balls, tennis balls, toys) to where they belong.  Trash what is trash and donate the 125 extra rags and bathroom rugs you might have accumulated.


Step 2: reorg.  move IKEA Expedit cubbies from playroom to laundry room. (also, need to pick up a tension rod to put between the wall and cubbies for hanging clothes)


Step 3: add functionality.  use 3M hooks to create utility closet/corner.



IMG_5485   IMG_5480

Brooms, dusters and vacuums hidden nicely behind the door. Smile


There’s a bit more tweaking to be done…like hiding the holes in the wall and doing something with those window coverings and what to do about that door?!


But for now…


functionality = happiness!


  1. Great idea to use a tension rod to hang things! And I love the colorful rug!

  2. It looks great, Kim ~ wish mine were that organized! Love that bright, fun rug! What is that blue thing hanging on the end of the expedit, I might need one?? :)

  3. My laundry room in my unfinished basement is dark and dreary so I love a good laundry room revamp!
    I never thought to use a shelf in there but it makes so much sense!
    Thanks for the visit on my blog and following along. I plan on doing the same and looking forward to reading your older posts..

  4. Your laundry room looks so good! Love the fun colors and organization. :) Nice work!


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