Friday, February 1, 2013

Cord, File & Closet Org, a Valentine & Green China Cabinet

How’s that for a title?  This Friday I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite finds while out and about in the blogosphere this week.  Oh, and make sure to go to the blogs if you want to pin the idea.

Let’s kick it off with a tip that has already saved me some sibling squabbles over who’s cord is who’s.  It’s genius, simple, cute and easy.  Keri @ Shaken Together shared the brilliant idea of taping off the ends of cords with washi tape.  My kids loved the idea so much, they immediately washified their cords all by themselves.  Even better.  (make sure to stop by Keri’s blog sometime.  lots of great stuff!)

Found another cute, washi solution from Jen at I heart organizing too.

And one more washi solution from Jen.  She uses washi tape and a Sharpie to label her files.  Washi is easily removed so you can change your file name anytime.  And look how cute.

What can’t you do with washi?  Don’t know what washi is, go here. (see other stuff I’ve done with washi here and here.)

Totally doing these Valentine’s for my little guy this year. You can get a free printable at this heart of mine.  She has a great teacher Valentine idea too!

Hoping to tackle some closet organization sometime this year and I found great inspiration from Carmel at our fifth house this week.  My favorite tip was to hang ties on a café rod.


But you might like her shoe solution.  Make sure to stop by and check it out.  And if I could, I would have her come over to decorate my house.  You  must check out her house while you’re there.  So, so fabulous!

Speaking of fabulous homes, I would invite Jennifer at Dimples & Tangles to come along with Carmel to decorate my house.  She rocked her dining room this week by transforming her china cabinet into this beauty!  Stay a while and check out her favorite design tool on how to decide on wall colors, picture placement without opening a can of paint or nailing a hole in your wall.

So many great ideas and inspiration this week!

Happy Friday!



  1. Thanks for the mention, Kim! I have GOT to get some washi tape! Such cute projects!

  2. Thank you so much for including me in this great round-up! I appreciate the sweet shout out!


  3. Thanks for including me! How great! Have a spectacular booty-filled Valentine's day. :) Love the washi tape ideas too!

  4. LOVE the cord ideas.. how fabulous!

  5. Thanks for featuring my washi tape chargers!! Love the file folder idea, too!


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