Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Table

The truth is, I have no idea what my Thanksgiving table will look like.  At one point this week, I wasn’t sure that we would be gathering together at all.  It’s been an emotionally exhausting and scary week.  My dad wound up in the hospital on Monday.  It’s all a long story, but he is doing much better.  The most beautiful table I can think of right now would be with my entire family around it.  That will not be the case this year, but I am so grateful that my dad has shown improvement.  So that in itself is a beautiful thing.  We will be gathering together at my house for dinner and also visiting dad making the best of the situation.

I was, however, inspired by a beautiful table while on a trip to Seattle and Vancouver celebrating 15 years with my guy last week.  While we were there, we stumbled into a charming little shop.  I snapped a couple of photos of a beautiful Thanksgiving table that inspired me.


I fell in love with that nest and the birch paper underneath.  You may recognize the nest from my kids’ table pics.  I had to bring one home with me of course.  Once I got home, I realized I should have bought at least two more.

And it turns out the birch paper is a piece of wallpaper.  I so had to have it!!  The woman working was kind enough to clip a piece off for me to take home.  I was more than ecstatic.  Not kidding!!  Every time we went somewhere, the hubs and I would joke, “Is the birch paper okay?”  It became our little treasure from the trip.




I hope your Thanksgiving table is adorned with the most beautiful thing of all – the people you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Happy belated 15 years to you and Kevin! And keeping your dad in my prayers...enjoy the holiday with everyone!


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