Sunday, November 11, 2012

Clever Uses for Boxes Around the House

Heeeello.  Hope you had a great weekend!  The weather was just gorgeous here in Michigan!

So I’m back this week with another clever idea from that sister of mine.  That girl’s wheels never stop spinnin’.  I don’t know how she gets any sleep at night.  With the holidays around the corner, that means gift wrap season too.  I was reminded of her clever idea when I was emptying boxes to be containerized in my pantry.

Have you gotten in a pinch and really wish you had a box to put your gift in?  Well, you do.  Most likely you’ve had it all along, but never thought of it.  Look no further than your pantry. 

Hello, cereal boxes!


Perfect for clothing items, plus you’ll really throw someone for a loop when they unwrap the gift to see a cereal box.  However, in my house, I’ve actually received cereal for Christmas and we’ve actually given it as a birthday gift, but that’s another story.

And how about tissue boxes to hold your grocery bag stash?  It fits perfectly in the cupboard under the sink.  The designs are so cute these days, it’s ready to go as is!

Plumberry Pie Blog - box uses

And sometimes I use empty tissue boxes as mini recycle bins in the bathroom. That way I can collect empty toilet paper rolls easily without a separate trip to the kitchen recycle bin every time.

tissue box recycle bins

And if you’ve followed along for a while, you know I used a box lid as a canvas for map heart art.  I’ve also used a lid for a teacher appreciation subway art gift.

So remember, sometimes to think outside the box, you need to think inside the box.


  1. In high school I used to cover old cereal/oatmeal/snack bar boxes with scrapbook paper and decorate them. :) I always had fun doing that even though my friends would tease me about them. I would use them on my desk to store paper and pencils and such. I forgot all about that until reading your post!


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