Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

Thanksgiving is just days away.  I cannot believe how quickly time is flying.  Lots going on and feeling frazzled, but wanted to share a glimpse into the kids’ table.


I’m setting the kids up with a mason jar holding their utensils and a striped paper straw.  I adorned it with a little baker’s twine and craft paper leaves I found in Target’s dollar section.  We aren’t name card people at my house, but you could easily add names and use it as a place card.  I’m thinking of writing “thankful for you” on them.


I’m just using plane cream paper plates with cute Thanksgiving napkins to fun it up a bit.  I figure the less dishes the better.  The adults will get the fancy stuff.


Last year, I used white wrapping paper to cover the table so the kids could draw on it.  I’ll have the crayons out again this year, but with a cute paper tablecloth I found at Target.  It has word searches, turkeys to color and tic tac toe on it.  Thought it would be a fun twist.



And that’s it.  Very simple making more time to be together.

You can check out last year’s set up here.

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  1. So clever! This will make them feel so special. I especially love the mason jar and the leaf. I think you definitely write on those leaves. Have a great Thanksgiving, Kim! I am thankful for you!


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