Thursday, November 8, 2012

From Toy Rhino to Meaningful Gift

I was inspired by Courtney {of A Thoughtful Place} for this next little project.  She took a toy giraffe and sprayed it gold to display in her home as a special symbol and reminder “to rise above and look for the good.”  It got me thinking of a friend of mine.  I remember she had mentioned that the rhino became a symbol of strength for her during a very tough time in her life.  A gold rhino would be perfect to sit on a shelf in her home.

I had to look no further than our toy bin for the rhino and I had the spray paint from my lamp redo.  Apparently, I asked the wrong child if it was okay to paint.  My oldest happened to mention to me tonight that I forgot to ask if I could paint his toy.  Oops.  Really, he was just messing with me, so it’s all good.

IMG_4269 IMG_4309

I love how this toy has been completely transformed into a pretty and meaningful reminder of strength for my friend.

Toy Rhino to Meaningful Gift

My friend and I haven’t been able to get together lately, so I haven’t even given it to her yet.  So, if you’re reading, SURPRISE!  Love and miss you, my dear friend. 


  1. Hi Kim! If I would have seen that in your friend's house, I would have just assumed it came from a high end decor store. No way it could be that easy. Isn't it great what you can do with a can of paint? Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I'm sure your friend will love it in her home.

  2. This is such a clever idea! I'm so glad to be following you, love your blog:)


  3. You are so special!! I love you! Thank you and I miss you. What a beautiful gift and I can't wait to find this treasure a home. XO


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