Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Fall {Hula Skirt} Wreath

So I thought I’d try to actually make one of my pins with the nudge from the Pinterest Challenge hosted by these lovely ladies.

Carmel - Our Fifth House

Sherry - Young House Love

Katie - Bower Power

Sarah - Ugly Duckling House

I have to tell you, I was itching to take down my Halloween decorations a couple days before Halloween, I think because I had this wreath stuck in my head.  Jen from Tatertots & Jello made a fall wreath out of dollar store hula skirts and I fell in love.


Since the supplies were on hand, I gave it a go.  I used a wreath that was a lasso in a former life at my daughter’s Hoedown a couple years ago and some hula skirts from another party.


And, well, sometimes I think other people just have the magic touch.  And on this project, I was not one of them.  Looks a bit disheveled.


I think my wreath is having a bad hair day.


Maybe if I put it with some friends, it will look better.  But then again…


How about some accessories like a little leaf garland to dress her up?  Ummmm, nope.


Mmm, don’t think I conquered this little pinspiration project like I’d hoped to do.  And it seemed like such a simple project.  Oh well, it was worth a shot.


Maybe I’ll go at it again later to see if I can fix this crazy thing.  Maybe a little haircut?  If I do, I will surely share.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!!

- Kim

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