Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gobble Your Friends with a Gratitude Wreath

Hello, hello.  November already.  Geesh.  Last November, I made a gratitude wreath as a way to embrace all of life’s blessings.  We wrote what were thankful for on gold paper leaves (sometimes daily and sometimes weekly) and pinned them to the wreath.  On Thanksgiving, we included our extended family in the fun. 


And in the end, we had a wreath full of life’s blessings.  It was fun to read what everyone wrote and I saved the leaves to read again in years to come.  This wreath was actually my very first post ever. I’m sure most of you have not seen it, but you can check it out here.


And you’ve all probably heard of ghosting or booing friends, well why not gobble them with a gratitude wreath and a note?

gobble note

And just a quick tip for hanging a wreath by ribbon.  Put a 3M hook upside down on the other side of the door and hang your ribbon off it.  The metal wreath hangers are too thick for my doors, so this is the perfect solution!


I loved the gratitude wreath, but this year I’m thinking gratitude garland instead.  I’ll check back with you when it actually has some leaves on it.  Time to get our gratitude on!

What types of things do you do to celebrate Thanksgiving?  Feel free to share in the comments.

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  1. I am so glad you posted this. I forgot how you made it last year and want to this with my family this year and continue it all year.

    January-winter wishes; our dreams on mittins
    February-Love notes on hearts
    March -Luck of the Irish-Shamrocks with notes of all our great luck
    April Showers-Raindrops notes that say all of the great people and thing that God has shower us with
    May-Flowers with noteand memoriesabout our mothers and grandmothers
    June-BBQ themed notes with great things about our fathers and grandfathers or sports notes with the same
    July-Stars-God Bless the USA note of what we love about the US
    August-Michigan shape notes with why we love Michigan and our hometown
    September to Remember -Angel wing notes with prays for people who have left us and their pictures
    October-Conquering fears. Write down small things we can do to conquer our fears on bats and pumpkins
    November Giving thanks-Leaves with notes about things we are gratful for
    December-Chistmas Blessings; Christmas bulb notes counting our blessings or mayber small evnvelopes fill with a small gift or note to be opened each day like an advent calnder

    Of course my wreath will be white based my new favorite color!


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