Sunday, November 4, 2012

Save Some Halloween Candy for Christmas

Okay, so I feel like a slight hypocrite for posting something connected to Christmas since I just posted this picture on my personal FB page.


But sometimes you need to plan ahead.  And if I told you this after Thanksgiving, perhaps all your Halloween candy would be gone and you would be like, “hey, thanks, it would have been nice if you told us to save some Halloween candy ahead of time.”  So anyhow, on to the true point to this post…

Like everyone, we dump our Halloween candy on the floor and survey the situation.  Then we make a keep pile and a donate pile.  The kids’ school collects extra Halloween candy to donate to a local charity.  Love that.  But even then, we usually end up with leftover candy by the time Christmas rolls around.  Instead of throwing it away, we use it for our gingerbread houses.

We actually don’t even use gingerbread.  We use old milk cartons and graham crackers glued on with frosting instead.  Then we let our leftover Halloween candy create the magic.  My sister and I have been doing this tradition for over 10 years now with our kids.  It’s so fun to see what they come up with every year.  I know it’s a bit early for Christmas, but wanted to make sure you saved some candy for this fun little tradition.  Oh, and all is not lost if you happen to eat all your candy.  You can still buy some.

To see more of the wonderful creations from last year, check out this post.

Oh, and don’t forget to save some jars for homemade snowglobes like this one.  See how I made it here.

This is another project that you need the heads up on.

Can’t just scarf down jars of pickles and salsa in one sitting, can ya?

Well, maybe you can.

But still, it’s helpful to start saving now.

Have a great week!

- Kim


  1. Yay for gingerbread houses! I want to make one this year. :)

  2. Lucky for me I'm in Australia so the next holiday is Christmas, but yeah it does seem a little early. Actually tradition here says it's bad luck to put up the tree before the 1st of December. I usually do it the last week of November and every one thinks I'm crazy!

  3. Oh...what a great idea! That's one of those smack-your-head why-didn't-I-think-of-that kind of ideas. I'm definitely doing it this year! And I love your Nordstrom picture...I completely agree. But yeah, you needed to share this one now. :)


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