Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31: Bringing it All Together

Day 31, I made it!  How about a little recap to bring it all together?  I almost felt as if this focus frenzy was anything but focused, but as I looked back on it, it actually covered the bases I had set in my head before I started.  From organization & simplification to the more important things in life like family & fun.

The goal was to create better systems and break bad habits that would give me more quality time doing the things that matter.  As I sit here today, there is a pile of dishes waiting for me in the kitchen.  Yep, a 20 minute pile of dishes.  So I haven’t conquered my bad habits yet, but I can feel them starting to disappear a little.  My awareness is keeping me in tune and more on task.  I think a look back on this series every now and then will be great reminders to me when I need a little motivation.

We all learned that there are happy messes & mad messes and how I might be like your husband.  And it’s okay to Divide & Conquer little by little, to conquer a big project and sometimes A Girl's Gotta Have Goals to get it done.  And sometimes you need to decide if it Should it Make the Cut?  I even tackled a five minute project and used some old school Sesame Street smarts to organize.

Then I got tired of hearing myself think and just had to walk away for a day to refocus and refresh.  There was even a note from my gym shoes to remind me stay healthy.

I learned some lessons from my kids on how to be decisive and how to surround ourselves with what we love.  I got real about what to buy for our home and what NOT to buy even during my brass attack.

Of course there was time to celebrate.  Celebrate the season of fall’s eye candy and the joys of Halloween.

There were moments of gratitude for rock star teachers and my friends at blugray creative.

Some wise words from Ferris Bueller reminded me to be present in the present.  I even played hooky and got away on a road trip to spend some quality time with my family.  A quick quote reminded us to make a full life.

The true goal in the end was for all these things to bring me into better focus with my family and friends – to make time for the real things in life, which brings me back to my friend Ferris Bueller.  I think it’s worth quoting again.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


To our East Coast friends, I hope you are safe and warm.

Happy Halloween!



Thanks for joining me on my journey through a 31 Day Focus Frenzy.

If you’d like to see the entire series, go here.



  1. This is a great wrap up Kim! Congrats on posting every day for 31 days. That is not easy!

  2. This was a great series Kim. Way to stick with it!

    1. Thanks, Alice! Thanks for following along and your encouragement!


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