Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10: Oh, Pretty Pillows, What Was I Thinking?

Really, Kim, really?  Did you really think you could have these pillows in your house?


Seriously, people, what was I thinking?  We can’t even keep pillows on the couch for crying out loud.  I would be finding gold beads all over my house for years to come.  They would never survive.  They’re just so pretty though.  But I know I can’t live with them.  I can’t be the pillow police.  Not the battle I want to fight.  So farewell fine pillows.  It’s not you, it’s me.

FOCUS:  Get real and do what works for your lifestyle.

PS – If they could survive at your house, you can find them at Target.Smile


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  1. pretty pillows, but not very practical, I agree!

  2. I like those pillows very much! I am spoiled because I don't have any little ones or furry feet running around to mess up anything, haha. I actually saw some pillows at Homegoods the other day that had sequins all over them and I wanted to get them, haha! I didn't go through with it though.


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