Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s an eyeball over on the sidebar staring at you.  It represents the crew over at blugray creative.  They helped me feel like a fancy blogger by creating my 31 Day FOCUS FRENZY button.  You see, I still haven’t figured out how to do all the fancy blogger things I should be doing, so I asked them for a little help.  And it’s time to give a shout out for their awesomeness.

What they did for me was awesome, but nothing compared to all that they can do.  There is an immense amount of creative talent over there. They specialize in brand development and graphic design.  If you need some logo, web design or an entire campaign, check them out for a fresh take on the usual.

Here’s a little insight from the creative minds behind blugray.


“Every company has a face. A design. Whether it's been developed by someone like me, or completely ignored, it has design - it sends a message. It can’t be avoided and shouldn't, because it speaks for the company when no one is there to talk for it. It’s the difference between getting noticed and remembered, or being passed over in most cases.”



A few things that make blugray creative different from other design companies:

  • They specialize in typographic design solutions. They believe text plays a huge role in just about everything we see and can be a project’s greatest visual asset if used creatively.
  • They are experts at logo design and carry elements from the logo into any subsequent marketing pieces they design.  It’s one of the ways they make design magic happen.
  • They like to get to the "why" behind things.  It’s what makes any company unique and emotionally accessible to consumers. Transparency is trustworthy. It's how great brands are built and continue to grow their consumer base.

In the future, there are talks of a spin off of their photography page into a site of its own.  I had to make special mention of that because their photography is simply fantastic!  Check it out here.

See for yourself.

Visit blugray creative for your branding and graphic needs.



Nissa, thanks again for this fabulous graphic and making me look like a pro!


Check out the rest of this series here.

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