Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26: Brass Attack Update

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I was bitten by the brass bug and wanted to inject a bit into my home.  So when I saw the good old Nate Berkus line at Target, I was jazzed up and ready to pounce.  My hopes were set on these hammered gold bowls.  Alas, they were not at my Target and out of stock online.

Decorative Bucket NateBr Metal Gold Circular

Two days later, I dropped off some bags to the Salvation Army.  It was a good purge-o-rama at my house – 10 bags out the door, yay!  They have a convenient drive through system so you don’t even have to get out of your car.  I told myself I would just drop and go.  But, of course, I didn’t.  No discipline I tell ya.  I went right in with my radar up for a good find of sorts.

Perhaps some brass bowls…

…and cheaper than Nate’s.  SOLD.



Don’t you just love that little guy’s head peeking out in the corner.  Made me laugh.



This one is my favorite.  It’s a perfect catch all for my hubby’s keys, wallet, etc.  I threw some shelf liner in the bottom because there’s some glue and green foam stuck from its previous life as a planter.


This guy has been put to work to hold a little reading material, but he might end up being a planter.  We’ll see.


And I might have bought a headboard for my spare room too, but we’ll save that for another day.  Perhaps I should have named this series, “how to lose focus”?  Seriously, I am keeping focused, I swear.  There were many other things I could have brought home.  I stayed focused on the brass…oh, yeah, and then there was that headboard.  Oh well.

Happy Friday!

- Kim


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  1. I Love this look! Happy Friday :)

  2. Oh, yours are better for sure! Saw the bowl at Target and while it was pretty it didn't have that wonderful weight that brass does, you found some great finds! Janell

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