Thursday, October 4, 2012

{FOCUS FRENZY} Day 4: A Girl’s Gotta Have Goals

I have a giant to do list without an end in sight and it can leave me feeling overwhelmed and deflated.  Somehow along the way, I’ve forgotten about making goals.  I just keep creating lists and adding to them.  Then I had that duh ah-ha, moment to break down the list into mini lists, essentially goals with end dates in mind.  Something I can check off daily, weekly, monthly.  Something to keep things realistic and give a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

On my to do list since we moved in, was to paint the front doors.  That’s about seven years, folks.  SEVEN!  Is it possible I never had time during the course of those seven years to tackle this project?  No.  The problem was I never gave it a timeline.  Never put it on the calendar, therefore, never made it a priority.

So I said to myself that this was the year I would finally paint the doors.  This weekend I felt time fleeting once again and my window of opportunity closing (want to do it before the cold weather strikes).  And you know what, I DID IT!  I finally did it!  All I had to do was make it a goal for the week. I needed a timeline. An end date.  I looked at my calendar and realized Monday was the day.





Might be hard to tell with the glare…but this is much better.

IMG_4056  IMG_4053

So much better!!


So now I’m going to look at my to do list in a different way.  Instead of being overwhelmed by it and doing nothing, I will do this…

  1. Look at the to do list.
  2. Is anything time sensitive?
  3. Put it at the top of the list.
  4. Look at the calendar and decide when it will fit in.
  5. Plan for it.  Put it in writing on the calendar.  Yes, pencil it in just like a doctor’s appointment.
  6. Stick to it and do it.
  7. The best part – check it off!
  8. And let out that sigh of relief!!
  9. Now break down the rest of the to do list into weekend, weekly & monthly goals.

FOCUS:  Stop creating lists.  Start creating goals.


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  1. The doors look so good! I love their new color! Your entry looks fancier somehow. :) I really like your porch - your house has nice, big windows.

  2. My goodness! Your doors look great..good advice on the goals too!

  3. Agree with you that we all need to have goals and you definitely met this one:) Love the doors they look great!!!

  4. This is a great series an artistic person, I fly by the seam of my pants most of the time and don't usually have one focus...I find that I need a list to keep me grounded...thank you so much for sharing...xo


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