Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{FOCUS FRENZY} Day 9: Think Like a Child

Yesterday my little guy and I did a quick update in his room.  And when we were done he said, “Blog it, mom, blog it!”  So here I am bloggin it for the little guy.

It was a simple project.  Out of nowhere he wanted to change his drawer fronts on his bed to different colors.


We had fun doing it together and couple things actually came out of it.

  • The little man realized it’s more fun to do something rather than just sit in front of the tube.  You see, he was grounded from t.v. yesterday.  As we were doing this little project, he turned and said, “I’m glad I got grounded.  This is much more fun.”  I could be happy or not by that statement.  Not much of a punishment, but he did learn something.
  • We cleared out the drawers of dust bunnies and even found some toddler toys hiding in there.   So it was a purging moment too – bonus!


  • The biggest takeaway for me was that I really need to think like a child every now and then. He knew what he wanted. He was decisive and didn’t waiver even when given some options. Love it. I am a very indecisive person and I drive myself crazy with it.

IMG_4062  IMG_4064

Although it’s good and necessary to think things over, I find that I can become paralyzed with indecision and then nothing happens.

I need to do what the little guy did a bit more often and just do it.  If I don’t like it, so what.  Live with it for a while and redo it.  Obviously, we aren’t talking about big, huge high priced decisions here.  Simple little projects.  I’ve got to let go a bit and just have fun with them without agonizing over silly little details. Ahhh, the freedom to make mistakes and be okay with it!


FOCUS:  Think like a child.


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  1. Oh you all did a great job and it looks so good. I love the colors!


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