Monday, October 1, 2012

{FOCUS FRENZY} DAY 1: Happy Mess Mad Mess

Lately, I keep telling myself to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. That’s why I picked this topic.  Cause the thing is, I get sidetracked by this, that and the other thing. I spend too much time thinking about things I could do instead of FOCUSing on actually doing them.

Sure, I want to pretty things up around here, I can’t help it, it’s in my blood. But when it gets down to it, pretty stuff isn’t pretty if it’s a mad mess. Now, let me backtrack a bit because that last statement might sound like I’m striving for perfection.  So NOT the case!  I actually celebrate imperfection, otherwise I’d lose my mind.

I’ll just say there’s happy messes and there’s mad messes. It seems I’m in the state of the latter most of the time.  If you came over today, I would hold you hostage at the threshold of my front door so you wouldn’t see the bachelor pad, housekeeping skills I have.

Let me just give you definitions of happy messes and mad messes…

HAPPY MESS: a few toys on the floor, a fort in the middle of my family room, a block city barricading the doorway…all good…signs of life, love and fun

Hex Bug track taking over the playroom = Happy Mess

hex bug track 2hex bug track

Domino track in the middle of my foyer = Happy Mess

 domino trackdominos

MAD MESS: dirty dishes, paper piles (aka – the clutter counter), my office – another dumping ground…this kind of stuff clutters your head and your house

The Infamous Clutter Counter = Mad Mess

clutter counter

Just like when we were kids…you have to do your chores before you can play. So FOCUS.  FOCUS on doing. FOCUS on simplifying.  No one wants to spend all their time cleaning and organizing…well, there might be a few.  But my goal is to find a system that runs smoothly and seamlessly enough leaving me more time to live and enjoy.  I want to be a pop over house.  I want to invite someone over at a moment’s notice.

Since school’s started, I’ve started to tackle my house in an organization frenzy.  Over the next few days, I’ll share some of the things I’m trying to rewire my brain.  Feel free to share some of your best tips in the comments area.  I could use all the help I can get!

So do you struggle with a mad mess or do mad messes make you mad and moody?

FOCUS:  Be mindful of what I do today.


  1. I have no tips for you since I'm currently battling my own 'mad mess'. I can't wait to see what you accomplish!

  2. Oh boy, do I know the difference! I don't mind kid messes at all. Toys, projects... what I can't stand is clutter! Drives me bonkers! A side from feeling like a freak I have found that if I 'Pick up" the house before I go to bed - when I wake up to a organized ready to go day goes so much better and there fore so does everyone else's! Good luck my dear! :) Happy Monday!


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