Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30: Love It or Leave It

My little guy throws me for a loop daily.  Once again, he came up with something completely outside the box.  Here’s how it went.

Kyle:  Mom, look what I found on the playground today!  It’s a tag!

Me:  Really?  Why did you bring it home?

Kyle:  Look how cool the other side is!! Isn’t it cool? I want to keep it.

And you know what?  I do think it’s cool.  I think it’s so cool that he found beauty in such an ordinary thing.  And yes, it’s hanging on a nail where his calendar used to hang.  Why not?  We might even frame it.


Another great lesson from my six year old.  Art doesn’t have to cost much.  Just find something you love and display it!

When I come home, I want my home to give me a great big hug. I want it to be a place of comfort and reprieve. And the key to that is surrounding ourselves with things we love and have special meaning to us.

These snowflakes have been on my son’s wall for about a year now. As soon as he learned how to make paper snowflakes, he made millions of them. To this day, he’ll make them as special gifts for people too. It’s his little specialty and he’s super proud of it.


It’s what kids do.  They surround themselves with things they love or have meaning to them.  I think as adults, we sometimes forget that.

If you look inside my daughter’s room, you’ll find an ever-changing gallery wall of sorts.  It’s not how I would choose to display it, but I’ve let go of that vision (for a while anyway).  It’s her space and I want it to be her haven.  I remember doing the same thing as a kid, except I had Ricky Schroeder, Michael Jackson and Shawn Cassidy among others adorning my walls.


On that Home Goods trip I referred to yesterday, I stumbled upon one of my favorite quotes.  It is a quote that I want my kids to remember and live by.  I planned on making it myself, but hey, if it’s already done, I’ll take it!! Love it when that happens.  Can’t wait to get it up on the wall as a constant reminder to us.


It doesn’t even need to be something super meaningful and special.  It can be as simple as surrounding yourself with things you love.  Things that remind you of a certain time or place.  Not just something to fill an empty space.

Love it or leave it – my new mantra.


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